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Old wallz new begginings

image New Mexico’s own Phatz RockiTTz brings new life to an old wall while displaying his raw talents… Writing on wallz since youth, this artist out of Chucktown (Carlsbad) NM brightens this cinderblock wall for a local automotive shop (The Dirty Sanchez). This was a blank canvass ready for an image to be arranged and created by master mind Phatz RockiTTz. Creativity iz tha only thing that stood between him and tha wall on that day. This old wall gladly accepted a facelift, a new make over.
Mr. RockiTTz iz locally known for spicing up your biTTness walls, new era’s, kicks, t-shirts, canvases, and your little brothers wall to tie tha room together with a phat reconstructive design. Hip Hop Art should not be over looked and quickly sent to the garbage disposal. Instead, Hip Hop should be recycled and embraced. Art should be accepted in all forms and fashions as long as Tha art is truly originated from Tha artist’s ideas from tha heart.
image We as a public are consumed by negativity when Tha subject of graffiti arises. Tha writing on Tha wall is automatically stereotyped and categorized as gang related, or a case of vandalism. Often overlooked and never considered to be a form of art. Like every art, there are of course Tha bad apple’s of Tha bunch who write nonsense and destroy canvases for our true artists. Like all arts, there iz definitely undeniable work from these artists that need to be recognized. In Tha early days of our culture graffiti was portrayed to be a cry of outrage from itts youth and Tha government quickly took control by outlawing graffiti. Leading tha public to believe that grafitti was gang related and needed to be stopped instead of being embraced as a form of art.
Luckily, Tha only good thing, and I’ll say itt again. The ONLY good thing about Tha main streaming of hip hop is that Society widely acknowledges and accepts our Hip Hop culture. Even though Tha bull$#!tt on t.v. and radio doesn’t represent H.H. in itts OFFICIAL form. Most peepl ignorant to our culture kinda get where we are coming from and acknowledge all of our art forms. I know I went off on a tangent about Tha lack of knowledge on graffiti. Anyway check out more work by Phatz and a few other artists on the gallery page. New photos of art work will be posted, blackbooks, wallz etc. New merchandise also coming imageimage

Love for the culture

I love tha feeling that u get when u hear that song and u feel that inspiration that makes u wanna move or juss do something.. That feeling that makes ur creative side feel like itts starving and itt has to eat.. Tha song that reminds u why u are a fan in tha first place. Tha song that reminds u of why u are so motivated to spend ur time so productivly to master ur art. I'm saying song, but entire albums and favorite artists bring out tha same feelings. Tha same reasons I am inspired to b a musician, I guarantee, are tha same reasons of tha artists we listen to today.
Even though i'm a musician, I am tha biggest fan of music and am not afraid to support any of tha artists that i am into. Anyone who knows me, knows that my library is deep.. Bottomless..Music lives inside of u and washes away all of tha bullshitt from each day..Another point I'm trying to get across is, we pay for gas, clothes, etc.. Wut tha fuck makes these peepl think they have to get all of their music for free.. Support these hard working artists, a lot of time, blood, sweat, and tears goes into this shitt... SUPPORT!! STOP FRONTIN!!!!

(even if u don't support my shitt.. support tha artist u so call love) BooGZ..

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